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Here’s your second  report, Fat Loss Tips & Tricks

Another kindly accepted gift from Will Brink, will covers some great little tips and tricks for shifting fat using day to day things we can all do to get the perfect flat tummy or six pack.


Download Instructions:

Just use your RIGHT mouse button to click this LINK , and choose Save As , we recommend you save it to your desktop so it’s easy to find.

If you have any problems downloading the report then let us know below using the comments section, we will get back to you asap but it should be plain sailing.

Looking for an effective training workout program with fat loss diet?

We really liked this program, you might want to watch the video below, interesting presentation , our review is below the video if you’re looking for more details on the program:

Fat Burning Furnace Review

You’ve probably heard about Rob Poulos’ “Fat Burning Furnace” weight-loss program.  If you’re like most folks I talk to, you’re wondering if the program lives up to the hype.  You have questions, like:

  • How does the Fat Burning Furnace program work?
  • Can you really lose weight following the program?
  • And is the Fat Burning Furnace program as easy as it appears to be?

I’ve fully reviewed this program and you’ll find all the answers you need below.  Some of the answers may even surprise you, so be sure to read the entire review before you even think of taking out your credit card!

Let’s get to it…

Fat Burning Furnace: Is it right for you?

First things first: You’re wondering if I recommend this program.  And the short answer is “yes.”

However, while the Fat Burning Furnace program certainly works, it’s not for everyone.  In fact, there are two groups of people who should steer clear of this product.  If you’re in one of these two groups, you won’t be happy with the product or your results.

In just a moment you’ll find out if you’re a part of either of these two groups.  But first, let me give you an overview of how this weight-loss program works…

How Does the Fat Burning Furnace Work?

Let me tell you what I like about this program: It really works to burn fat.

You see, a lot of “weight loss” programs aim to help people lose “weight” – but not necessarily fat.  So the person who’s losing weight may cut calories too drastically and end up losing valuable muscle and other tissue.  While the dieter’s scale weight is declining, the person is slowly turning into a shapeless blob of jelly.

Many people refer to this as being “skinny fat.” Overall the person is smaller, but his or her body is still shapeless and fat.  Skinny fat people need to hide under layers of clothes (and they wouldn’t be caught dead on the beach in a swimsuit… or even a pair of shorts).

That’s why Rob’s Fat Burning Furnace program is different.  His program doesn’t just shed the weight at any cost.  Instead, his program focuses on burning fat. That means when you hit your target weight you won’t just be slim – you’ll also be toned. Sexy.  And “beach-worthy” attractive.

This stuff really works.  My background and expertise in the fitness industry is more than enough to know he’s got a great program.  However, if you take a look at Rob’s Fat Burning Furnace website, you’ll see plenty of proof that it’s helped the author, his wife, as well as plenty of satisfied customers to burn the fat and lose the weight.

Which brings me to another point: I love that Rob and his wife both were once overweight , which is further proof that his program isn’t just theory.  This might be a little shocking, but let me share with you a dirty little secret about the weight loss industry…

A lot of people who write “weight loss” books are skinny string beans who’ve never struggled a day in their life with losing weight.  Now, that might not be so bad if these folks were fitness experts – but they’re not.  Instead, they’re marketers who’re just out to make a quick buck.  Frankly, that sort of stuff makes me pretty sick.

That’s what I like about Rob’s book.  He’s been fat, so he knows what it’s like to struggle with being overweight.  And he knows what works, because he’s done it himself.  He simply took everything he learned when he lost weight, used it to help his wife lose weight, and he’s now helping people around the world transform themselves, too.  It’s awesome.

So how does it work? Here are the two simple but powerful Fat Burning Furnace premises:

You need to eat sensibly to boost your metabolic rate. (It’s a lot easier than you think.)

You need to exercise in a way that burns calories long after you’ve finished exercising. He shows you how to get by on as little as 45 minutes of exercise per week!

Either of these components alone would help you lose some weight. But when you put these two together, you create a powerful weight-loss formula that really works… even better than expected.

Let’s look at these two components separately…

The Fat Burning Furnace Diet

When you think of a weight-loss diet, you immediately picture yourself having to exert enormous amounts of willpower to stick to a highly restricted, low-calorie diet.  Fortunately, the Fat Burning Furnace Diet isn’t that difficult.  You won’t have to count every calorie or eat crazy foods in order to lose weight.

And that’s a good thing.  You see, a lot of traditional “calorie counting” diets actually cause your metabolism to slow down. That’s because when you cut your calories, your body thinks it’s starving.  In order to conserve energy (AKA fat), your body slows down your metabolic rate further.

You can see that this is a nasty cycle.  You keep cutting calories to lose weight, and in response your body slows down your metabolism (which makes it even harder to lose weight).  That’s why you often plateau on a traditional diet.  That’s why you often gain the weight back. And that’s why Rob’s Fat Burning Furnace diet is superior to traditional diets.

However, I did discover something a little “odd” about this diet.

If you’ve read any bodybuilding type products before, then traditionally the focus is on macronutrients.  Namely, you focus on how much protein, carbohydrates and good fats you’re getting.

Not so with the Fat Burning Furnace diet.  Here you focus on the micronutrients, which are the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs for optimal energy (and thus optimal weight loss).  In other words, you focus on “fueling” your body with the right food.

Frankly, I was a little surprised to see this type of diet.  But it truly makes perfect sense.  It’s healthy, balanced diet that’s not just designed for quick weight loss – it’s also designed for good health. And that means this is the type of diet that you can and should follow forever.

That’s right, I said “forever.” But don’t let that scare you.

As mentioned before, this isn’t a restrictive or extreme diet that’s hard to follow.  It’s actually quite easy. That’s because you don’t have to measure foods or count every calorie. Indeed, Rob’s goal is to get people away from obsessing about food and instead getting them in the habit of thinking of food as fuel.

Rob’s book makes it easy to follow his diet.  Not only does he tell you what to eat (which includes lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and other foods), he even gives you easy-to-follow lists of pre-made foods and snacks.  There’s no guesswork required at all. Simply pick your favorite foods from his lists and tables – it’s easy!

Trust me, once you start eating sensibly and “fueling” your body as Rob suggests, you’ll feel better in a matter of days.  Never again will have you to deal with the “afternoon sleepies” or those periods of up and down (rollercoaster) energy.  Once your body adapts to the Fat Burning Furnace diet, you’ll have a steady supply of energy all through the day.

Now here’s the key…

Because you’re eating nutrient-dense food, you’re actually eating fewer calories.  That means you’re enjoying more energy… yet you continue to lose weight.  In effect, you’re boosting your RMR (resting metabolic rate), so that you burn more fat even while you’re resting.

Yes, you read that right. This is a diet that actually BOOSTS your metabolic rate (as opposed to a traditional diet that makes your metabolism sink faster than a lead ball in a swimming pool).  Now combine this diet with his metabolic-boosting exercise plan, and you’ll enjoy surprisingly good results!

The Fat Burning Furnace Exercise Program

Let me throw a number at you to see what you think: 45 minutes of exercise.  Per week.

Yes, once again you read that right.  The Fat Burning Furnace exercise program only requires as little as three 15 minute sessions per week, for a total of 45 minutes.  Listen, I don’t care how busy you are… I know you can carve out 45 minutes per week for exercise.  Simply put, Rob’s program eliminates excuses, because anyone can do it!

Now, you’re probably thinking 45 minutes of exercise per week sounds a little on the small side, right?  After all, it’s likely that you’re used to pounding the pavement (or the treadmill) for 45 minutes each day, right?

If that’s what you’re used to, then you’re in for a shock: The Fat Burning Furnace doesn’t include recommendations for traditional cardio.  And if you’re set on doing a lot of cardio, then perhaps this program isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you like getting great results in as little time as possible, you’ll love the Fat Burning Furnace exercise program. That’s because it focuses on short, high-impact strength training, which helps to preserve your muscles while burning fat.

Let me tell you why this is a good idea…

Think about how “high impact” athletes look. For example, powerful sprinters who give 100% of their effort in short bursts.  These people tend to be slim and very shapely.  They’re toned but not “bulky.”  So even if you’re a woman, it’s the kind of look you’d love to have (especially if you want to look good in shorts or a swimsuit).

Now consider those who do “steady state” cardio exercises for long sessions.  For example, marathon runners or people who do a lot of aerobics. These people may be slim, but they’re not shapely and sexy. Just look at the “Sweating to the Oldies” aerobics king Richard Simmons. Look at his legs and arms – they’re flabby!

Now you can see why Rob doesn’t suggest that you do steady-state cardio.  You’ll burn fat faster, preserve more muscle and get much better results by doing high-impact resistance training instead.  Best of all, you don’t even need any fancy equipment.  Really, all you need are a couple dumb bells and 45 minutes per week to burn your fat and get the body you’ve always wanted!

The Verdict? My Recommendation is to get it now…

As mentioned before, I highly recommend this book.  If you want to lose weight and get toned in the process, this is one of the best programs on the market. Its combination of resistance training and a healthy diet is unbeatable.  Plus Rob even offers email support and a money-back guarantee, so this is truly a risk-free, “no fail” offer!

Nonetheless, there are two kinds of people who shouldn’t order this book:

  • If the only form of exercise you’ll consider doing includes hours of cardio every week, then Fat Burning Furnace isn’t for you.  (However, it’s ideal for busy people who need great results in as little as 45 minutes per week.)
  • If you’re looking to “bulk up” and get big muscles, then this isn’t the program isn’t for you.  That’s because this program is focused on burning fat, not building muscle.  (However, if you’re looking to get toned, then this program is perfect for you.)

You can check it out for yourself here

Here are the other pros and cons…


  • You get to work out in the comfort of your home.
  • No more long, dull cardio sessions.
  • You get a solid and simple dietary plan that anyone can follow.
  • Email support in case you get stuck. (You probably won’t need it.)
  • Short, concise and to the point. (I personally hate 500 page fluff-filled e-books.)
  • You can get started within seconds of downloading it.
  • Suitable for men and women of any age.
  • Focuses on quality nutrition and resistance training to tone and firm the body while losing fat.
  • Good feedback, reviews and testimonials around the net.
  • The program is well-respected in the fitness community and has a good following.
  • You don’t need to spend any additional money on fancy equipment or pre-packaged foods.  You can literally start the diet the moment you download it!


  • You’ll find about 5 plugs for his preferred multivitamin company.  One recommendation would have been enough, in my opinion.
  • If you love long cardio sessions, then this program isn’t for you.
  • His resistance work outs only do 1 set per exercise.  Personally I prefer to do more, but his program is proven to work.
  • It would be nice if the videos of the exercises were included in the basic package.
  • He doesn’t have a forum for people to ask questions and discuss with each other (although he does offer his support via e-mail).
  • No restaurant guide for eating out.
  • I wasn’t massively impressed with the deluxe edition extras, as they didn’t seem worth it.
  • No physical version available (although you can print the downloadable version).
  • The recipe section is limited to about 30 recipes. That’s plenty to get started, but it would be nice to see more.

Bottom line:  You won’t be disappointed with the product , it’s a solid training and diet program that can be done at home and seems to deliver results.

You can check it out for yourself here


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